As a student at the University of Glasgow, you will live in one of the halls of residence. You will supply your own sheets, duvet (comforter), a pillow, pillowcase and towels. Launderettes are available for student use, some requiring coins and some are free. As you read over the information below, please also see the general Scotland accommodation information.

Self-catered Residences

The University's self-catered residences are spread throughout Glasgow, on average, a 20-minute walk or short bus ride to campus. These residences range from traditional residence halls to shared flats. You will live in a singe or double bedroom and prepare your own meals in communal kitchens.  Residents supply their own cookware and cutlery, which can be purchased inexpensively in Glasgow upon arrival.  Meals can also be purchased from various eateries on campus

Catered Residence

If you are seeking more regimented accommodation, you may prefer Wolfson Hall.  Breakfast and dinner are served daily during prescribed hours. Located about 45 minutes' walking to campus, the hall also provides limited shuttle bus service to and from campus. You will live in single and double bedrooms and have access to a common room, snack kitchens and a laundry room.  

Past participants often recommend self-catered housing due to the distance from campus and restricted meal hours and food selection.