An Cúairt ar Phobal (pronounced “on kurt air fubble”) literally translates to English as, "a visit to the community (or to the people)”. All Arcadia semester programs in Ireland undertake an Cúairt ar Phobal, (a type of homestay), an innovative approach for students to better understand Irish society and culture outside of the campus environment.

You are matched and housed with a local Irish family for a weekend. Upon arrival you are met by local community organizers, in a central location, and given an overview on the local economy, notable attractions, community politics, and local contributions to Irish society and culture. Your host family will be introduced to you after the presentation by the organizers, and you will begin your homestay. You then spend the evening with your host family and are encouraged to engage with the family’s weekend activities.

Over the course of two days and nights we encourage you to engage fully with your Irish family and host community. We see this as a chance to slow down and enjoy study abroad in a more mindful way. Take a break from social media and be present to this unique cultural opportunity. Arcadia staff encourage you to think about ways to engage. This might be having a conversation with your host family about the community and what it is known for. It could be taking a walk and get out and about in the local area or taking note of challenges or opportunities within your host community. The weekend also offers you the chance to reflect on your experience by submitting a CLC describing your experience

While an cúairt ar phobal will surely aid you in better understanding your Irish peers, this experience will also help you to learn more about your communities of origin. This visit is arranged by World Learning's Irish division, the Experiment in International Living (EIL), which hosts international visitors with families throughout Ireland.