June 1, 2017

Every year, The College of Global Studies awards individuals whose contributions to the institution serve as benchmarks of the highest level of teaching and learning within the institution.

This year's recipient of the Global Scholar Award, Erin Worden, is a Denison University student who studied at Arcadia’s Athens Center in Spring 2016. While in Greece, Erin interned at Inter Alia, a civic action organization, and volunteered at Caritas Hellas, an organization concerned with migrant relief in response to the global humanitarian crisis. As part of these experiences, Erin completed both a capstone project on Youth Responses to the Economic Crisis, as well as a Co-curricular Learning Certificate reflection on the ways in which gender binaries are reinforced in the refugee and migrant populations.

The Global Scholar Award includes a $250 prize, a commemorative plaque, and formal recognition at Arcadia's Honors Convocation and at the student's home university.