October 26, 2017

We are pleased to announce a recent change to our Student Services team at The College of Global Studies. The team has put into place a new management structure that includes the implementation of two Assistant Directors of Student Services: Shannon Peak Bernardo and Michelle Isel-Margolis. The Assistant Directors retain a Program Manager advising caseload for Chile, Cuba, Spain and Scotland and complement Anna West, Associate Director of Student Services, in leadership of Student Services. The goal of the Assistant Directors is to direct Student Services-related projects and initiatives at The College to improve the efficacy and quality of our advising to students.

In addition, a new program manager, Chanae Brown, joins the team on November 8. Chanae will be working alongside Chris Callas managing our programs in Greece, Italy and South Africa.

This reorganization aims to better manage the robust team of Program Managers and allow for more directed attention to addressing the needs and concerns of our students and U.S. partner institutions.