There are two types of housing available to Arcadia students studying at the University of Cape Town (UCT), depending on student preference and availability. Both are safe, secure and within easy reach of classes. Arcadia University guarantees student placement in one of the two options; however availability may be limited.

The housing options are equipped with bedding, kitchenware, and cutlery to service your self-catered accommodation experience. While meal plans are not available, there are grocery stores nearby, as well as eateries on campus, and eateries within walking distance to some the residences. Students should budget separately to purchase any additional items such as towels, hangers, extra linens, or more specialized cooking supplies. Each residence offers free WiFi, though please know that this will be slower than you are accustomed to in the US. Laundry facilities are also available in all housing options.

Residences are located within walking distance of either the UCT campus or a Jammie shuttle stop. The Jammie Shuttle is free to all UCT students with their student ID and runs frequently between the UCT campuses and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Arcadia staff ensure that the housing is in a safe neighborhood and that the buildings themselves are secure. It is the responsibility of the students living in a given house or residence to make sure that doors are locked, windows secured, and access to outsiders is restricted. In this way, everyone works together to ensure a safe living environment. It is important to understand that beyond satisfying Arcadia University’s housing standards, amenities will vary in each building and sometimes from room-to-room.

UCT Housing

The Woolsack

The Woolsack residence is located in the middle of UCT’s three campuses, only a few minutes’ walk to the Upper Campus. Students live in single rooms, with shared kitchens, bathrooms, and a common area for four to six students. Students residing at The Woolsack are both South African and international upperclassmen. The housing option is designed as two or three floor residences, centered around four pavilions and five courts.

Students have the opportunity to join in activities organized by UCT Residence, including hiking, evening events, and community braais (South African barbecues).

Obz Square

Obz Square is located just off-campus in the Observatory area of Cape Town. Only a short distance from the Lower Campus, Obz Square is in the heart of the neighborhood with shopping and restaurants just outside. Obz Square is home to mostly seniors and postgrad South African and international students. All rooms are en suite with a shared living and kitchen area for 8 to 10 students.

Students living in Obz Square have access to study and lounge areas to mix with South African students.

Placements in UCT housing are based on availability and can vary, semester to semester.

Arcadia Housing

Arcadia provides housing to students on our University of Cape Town program in group houses or apartments located in the neighborhoods surrounding UCT, such as Mowbray, Rondebosch and Observatory. Along with an RA who lives on site with students in Arcadia housing, these houses or apartments are shared with other Arcadia students studying at either UCT or the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and may be co-ed or single-sex. Rooms are single and double bedrooms with shared living areas, kitchens and bathrooms.  Kitchens are fully furnished with all necessary crockery and cutlery.

The neighborhoods where Arcadia housing is located were chosen for their close proximity to the UCT main campus and their great student vibe — with shops and restaurants that cater to the 20,000 students who attend UCT.

For more information, please see the general South Africa housing page.