Morgan Daniels, Ph.D

Faculty, London Center

Morgan Daniels holds a Ph.D. from Queen Mary, University of London. His work focused on the effects of “antiestablishment” BBC comedy on politicians, the public and broadcasting values circa 1939-1973. He also holds a Masters in Twentieth Century British History from Queen Mary, University of London. His teaching and research interests include Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; constitutional history; theories and histories of comedy and satire; British and American radio, television and film; and queer history/theory.


Recent Publications:

Who is a biting satirist?, Unofficial Histories, May 2012, Bishopsgate Institute.

Satire and Childishness, English Literature Seminar Series, February 2012, University of Westminster.

Ken Tynan’s “That Word” file, and what I found there, Picture This: Postcards and Letters Beyond Text, March 2011, University of Sussex.

That Was the Week That Was and religious values: a duty dance with denigration, The Horror, The Humour: Satire and Dark Comedy in a Postmodern World, October 2010, University of Lincoln.

Notes towards a historical materialist appreciation of humour, Histfest, May 2010, University of Lancaster.

Zeitnot: history as fetish, Truth and Lies, June 2009, University of Bangor.