Arlene, who joined Arcadia University in 1990, has made many contributions to the College of Global Studies during her long tenure.  Recognizing the important role Arlene played in devising health and safety initiatives for the College, she was promoted to Director of Health, Safety and Security in December 2008.

In this full-time position Arlene has primary responsibility for health, safety and security matters for all students studying on an Arcadia program abroad, including monitoring and assessing international health and safety data, reviewing appropriate emergency plans for all overseas sites, and keeping students, parents, and home school advisors informed of the situations as they arise.  Arlene will continue to serve as primary liaison to Arcadia’s student health and accident insurance carrier.

Arlene is a member of the NAFSA Trainer Corps and was on the curriculum revision team for the “Health and Safety in Education Abroad” workshop for NAFSA, as well as serving as lead trainer for the 2009 workshop at the NAFSA national conference.

She also serves on NAFSA’s Health and Safety Subcommittee and on the Interassociational Advisory Committee on Health and Safety. She received her bachelor’s degree from Cook College, Rutgers University, and her master’s degree from Pennsylvania State University.