I was born and raised in a rural community in NSW, Australia. I loved playing any type of sport and was always interested in the biomechanics and physiology of the body and how it moved.
Upon completing school, I selected a combined Physical Education and Recreation course and upon graduation enjoyed my first ‘Study Abroad’ experience by traveling to England and working in a children’s recreation camp. I then travelled through Europe  which was a truly educational experience and I soaked in the remarkable European history and became immediately passionate about traveling; cultures and immersing myself in the experience at hand.

The following year I returned to University to complete a Graduate Diploma in Education and I then taught PE in high school for a few years. The traveling ‘bug’ arose again and I spent the next 18 months working/touring in the UK; Europe; Asia and the USA. One adventure was a ten-week stint coaching soccer in the USA for ‘North American Soccer Camps’. What a tremendous experience to land in New York and coach 'football' to US kids for 2/3 months throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I returned home to complete a Graduate Diploma of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Sydney, before landing a brilliant job at the Sydney 2000 Olympics as a 'Communications and Information' Manager in the Olympic Village.  

At the completion of the Olympics, I was immediately offered a job as Program Manager for the UNSW Study Abroad office. For the following 13 years I worked within International Education at UNSW, gaining a greater understanding and passion for experiential learning and the immense value of the ‘study abroad’ experience and the benefit that cultural, social and academic immersion can have on the holistic development of an individual. During this time, I completed a Master of Management (Event Management) at UTS, Sydney. 

In 2014, I transferred from International Education to UNSW Accommodation as the Dean of Goldstein College. The role as Dean was to develop and nurture the young adults in their transition from high school to their tertiary academic life and College living environment. Now, after six years as the Dean of Goldstein, I am excited to be starting a new challenge in my working life as Residential Director, Australia for Arcadia University.