Hamish Thompson was born and brought up in Scotland, earning his first degree at the University of St. Andrews and then completing his doctorate at the University of Edinburgh. Additionally, Hamish has taught at the universities of Stirling, St. Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Hamish held faculty appointments in Departments of Philosophy at East Tennessee State University, Western Kentucky University and the University of Louisville, where he led and taught on study tours to the United Kingdom.

His doctoral work was in the philosophy of the mind, but he has since moved into the intersecting fields of philosophy and popular culture, with a special interest in subjects present in Gothic literature and film. He has recently begun researching the philosophy of Oscar Wilde.

Hamish is a keen sailor and fiddler with an interest in Appalachian-Scottish musical traditions.

Being born and brought up in Edinburgh gives me a connection to Scotland, its history, and its culture, which I love to share with all who come to study here."

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