Ashley joined the College of Global Studies in December 2021. She completed her Bachelor's degree at Arcadia University in International Studies with a concentration in Global Health and Human Rights and minors in Anthropology and Italian. Ashley became interested in education abroad after her Arcadia Preview course in Cuba. Inspired by this and her grandparents’ journey immigrating to the U.S from Italy, she went on to study in Rome followed by a summer intensive language program in Perugia at the Umbra Institute.

In 2017, she received a TEFL.TP certification and taught English language instruction through the SITE Program in Varese, Italy. She’s explored 16 countries and counting. Thanks to her time as a TEFL/ESL teacher in Italy and the U.S, she has a deep understanding of student challenges around language barriers and culture shock. She is excited to support students by bringing knowledge from her time abroad and her experience as a health and safety specialist in travel insurance. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys plants, travel, and spending time in nature.