Dr. Paola Cascinelli is serving as interim Academic Programs Coordinator in Rome. In addition to her teaching for Arcadia in Rome, Paola manages all academic aspects of Rome programming, arranging students' studies and counseling them, coordinating faculty schedules, and dealing with transcripts. Paola Cascinelli holds a SESS Euro Ph.D. in Socio-Economic and Statistical studies at La Sapienza University of Rome. Her emphasis is in social representations and economic integration in the Mediterranean area. She was an exchange student at the Institute of European Studies (EEI), ULB, Brussels. At present, Dr. Cascinelli is a consultant in leadership, communication and team building for Think Thanks Srl a research and communication agency. She was an instructor of European Integration Policy for the Municipality of San Giorgio a Cremano (Na). She has served as a consultant to many other organizations such as the Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises National Confederation (CNA), European Parliament in Brussels, Centro Interdipartimentale UrbanEco, Studi della Società srl, Gragnano, Napoli and others.