The landscape of the workplace has changed dramatically with recent world events, and new opportunities abound! Be on the cutting edge of this dynamic new environment by undertaking a stand-alone Intern Philly Internship! To serve the needs of students in varied academic scenarios, Arcadia’s Intern Philly programs are adapting to provide a flexible, intensive, high-quality internship experience.

For students, the stand-alone Internship-Only option allows you to complete a semester-length or summer internship and still be matched to a customized placement that will give you the edge with future employers, and on graduate school applications. We know time can be tight with new policies and varying ways to complete your degree, and that current conditions may not allow you to work and research in-person. To accommodate all possibilities, we’ve worked to provide two different session lengths and a remote-work option.

Intern Philly will offer internship placements which you can do virtually and/or on-site in Philadelphia. Employers from a wide variety of sectors are keen to have students complete exciting projects online, giving you a unique and bespoke professional experience. You'll also explore co-curricular activities through online discussion, virtual tours and event streaming. If you prefer, you can come to Philadelphia to do your internship on-site.

You’ll enroll in the program’s four-credit internship Cornerstone Course, Work in Thought & Action, a dynamic experiential education course that frames your work placement experience by providing a venue to maximize learning from a work placement experience and connect it to both your field of study and career aspirations. This will be achieved through reflection on what it means to work in an urban environment and to navigate organizational complexity and research linking your work experience to your academic interest.

A similar course is available in the summer for three-credits


Internship Cornerstone Courses

Course ID Title Session Credits Syllabus
INPR 310 Work in Thought and Action Semester 4 PDF
INPR 210S Internship Seminar Summer 3 PDF


Whether in Center City Philadelphia able to visit your placement in-person or while taking classes at your college, university, or even while living at home, Intern Philly can support your professional plans before you even graduate and provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn while doing.

Grade Scale for Intern Philly - AACRAO EDGE

The following information is vetted and provided by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) on the Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).

Percentage U.S. Equivalent
97 - 100% A+
93 - 96% A
90 - 92% A-
87 - 89% B+
83 - 86% B
80 - 82% B-
77 - 79% C+
73 - 76% C
70 - 72% C-
67 - 69% D+
65 - 66% D
0 - 64% F