While on the Intern Philly program, you’ll learn in lots of different ways, both inside and outside the classroom. Philadelphia has so much to offer! In addition to your placement in Center City, you’ll also take part in site visits to explore places relevant to your placement and your coursework. You’ll also enjoy organized events to integrate you into the local community and to get to know your fellow students such as walking tours of fascinating neighborhoods, city festival excursions, and networking events.

Through Arcadia’s partnership with many diverse organizations and institutions in Philadelphia, including many specifically for college students, you’ll also have access to a wide range of events and activities to enjoy in your free time. Many of these are free or steeply discounted. Catch a play at the Arden for $10, or last minute tickets to the Flyers or the Union or join other students for College Night at the Penn Museum.

In addition, Campus Philly organizes networking events for the thousands of university students who call Philadelphia home and you’ll be able to participate in any and all of these. Meet other students at museums or lectures or network with young professionals from many of the companies based in Philadelphia.

We don’t think you’ll run out of activities in Philadelphia, but there’s also a lot to explore within a couple of hours’ radius. New York City is about 1.5 hours away while Washington, DC is just over two hours down I-95. Regular train and bus service makes these cities inexpensive and easy to reach putting Broadway or the Smithsonian within easy reach.