Intern Philly offers an exciting mix of coursework, cultural engagement and practical work experience designed to help you make the most of your program. For Summer 2021, you'll complete your courses and internship projects in person and/or online*, using video conferencing, event streaming and other tools to engage with professors, students and employers throughout your program (if applicable).

Intern Philly's Cornerstone Course, Work in Thought & Action, is a dynamic experiential education course providing the reflection framework and research support to maximize your learning from a work placement experience and connect it to both your course of study and your career aspirations.

*dependent on CDC guidelines for COVID-19

Option 1 (3-6 credits):



Internship Cornerstone Course

Course ID Title Credits Syllabus
INPR 210S Internship Seminar 3 PDF



Minimum GPA – 2.0

Summer students have a wide choice of courses for the 6 credit option, joining students from Arcadia's Virtual Europe program. Students may enroll for one online course per session. They are able to combine courses and/or internship placements from different centers on this program across sessions. They may combine an internship with online courses for a total of 6 credits for Summer 2021.

Center Course Credits Session Syllabus VIDEO
London The State We’re In: Issues and Tensions in Post-Brexit Britain 3 Sessions 1 & 2 PDF View
London The Original Youth Culture: Teenagers & Subculture in Postwar Britain 3 Sessions 1 & 2 PDF View
London Trans-Atlantic Literature 3 Sessions 1 & 2 PDF  
Dublin Modern Ireland: A Social & Cultural History 3 Session 2 PDF View
Rome International Business Strategy & Management: Exploring the Italian Model 3 Sessions 1 & 2 PDF View
Rome Beginning Italian 1 3 Session 1 PDF View
Rome Beginning Italian 2 3 Session 2 PDF  
Edinburgh Scottish Popular Culture and Philosophy: From Hume to Harry Potter 3 Session 1 PDF View