The University of Stirling, with 9,000 students, encourages study across the curriculum. Opportunities for an integrated Scottish experience are superb, as the university has one of the largest populations of home students in Scotland.

The academic year at Stirling is divided into two semesters making it particularly attractive to North American students. The Stirling academic structure is flexible allowing you to take courses in a variety of departments and faculties. This is not typical at all Scottish institutions. A considerable amount of out-of-class work is expected so no more than three courses can be taken per semester.

Each course normally carries five credits. Some courses have prerequisites and are available only if you have the necessary academic background. You should expect an emphasis on periodic testing during the semester.

When you enroll at Stirling, an adviser of studies will assist you with finalizing course choices during registration and provide you with ongoing academic guidance during the semester. Additionally, you can count on continuing support from the University's Study Abroad Office.

You will be placed in housing owned and/or managed by the University, either in on-campus flats or in one of two large residences in the town of Stirling. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice although this can't be guaranteed. There are three styles of accommodation: halls, flats and chalets.

Regardless of the style, you will be assigned to a single study-bedroom and share a kitchen and living room. Meals are on a self-catering basis. If you would prefer not to prepare your own meals, the University offers various meal plan options in its restaurants and snack bars that you can sign up for on arrival. Arcadia guarantees housing and makes all the arrangements in advance.

As a student at Stirling, you'll enjoy full access to the University's MacRobert Arts Centre, which houses a cinema, theater and gallery, as well as a library, student center, shopping mall, bank, and restaurants. You'll find plenty of opportunities to meet friends at the Centre, as well as enjoy its busy schedule of film screenings, live performances and art exhibitions.

Stirling's excellent indoor and outdoor sports facilities include an international-class swimming pool, nine-hole golf course, fitness and weights rooms, tennis courts, basketball and badminton, and pitches for soccer, rugby and hockey. Opportunities for fishing, sailing and canoeing are available on the campus lake, which divides the halls of residence from the academic buildings.