Learn to build websites and apps like a pro, all in seven weeks this summer.

Web Development is a skill that is in high demand and can pay lucratively once mastered. But in order to break into the high-demand world of online technology, you need practical skills.

In just seven weeks, through two four-credit courses, you’ll learn from skilled practitioners – actual software engineers – to build front-end websites from scratch, using popular frameworks. You’ll leave the program with a portfolio of projects to demonstrate your skills, and receive instruction on how the technical skills learned relate to future career paths.

This is a tangible, hands-on summer program that uses the same practices and tools professionals use, including Github, pair programming, and more. You’ll gain the hands-on, technical skills and real-world work experience needed to impress employers and strengthen your resume.

There are currently one million open software engineer jobs in the US – and this is a great opportunity to build a foundation for your first job or for a desired career change. In addition to earning academic credit, you’ll gain practical skills for future success.


Technology is changing every industry. Having a foundation in technology will open countless doors, no matter what you're studying now. ”

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