IMPORTANT: Pay special attention to start dates for each teaching block.

Arcadia University program dates are set in accordance with the partner institution’s academic calendar and the Arcadia University mandatory orientation dates. 

Fall 2020

Event Date
Block A Orientation (Mandatory) September 8-9
Block A Courses Start September 10
Block A Courses End October 22
Semester Break October 23-25
Block B Courses Start October 26
Block B Courses End December 4


Spring 2021

Event Date
Block A Orientation (Mandatory) January 7, 2021
Block A Courses Start January 11
Block A Courses End February 26
Block B Courses Start March 1
Block B Courses End April 23


Spring 2021 - Partner Institutions

Event Date
University of Technology Sydney  
Orientation (Mandatory) February 8-19
Courses Start February 22
Courses End June 19
Griffith University  
Orientation (Mandatory) March 1-5
Courses Start March 8
Semester Break April 5-12
Courses End June 19


Summer 2021

Event Date
Arcadia Virtual Orientation (Mandatory) June 7, 2021
Courses Start June 8
Courses End July 15