Join our virtual community for activities & events

This summer you will enjoy many fun and rewarding online activities and events hosted by Arcadia, bringing together our virtual community of students from across the US, and faculty, staff and guest presenters from across Europe. 

As a kick-off, we have a virtual quiz rotating around Europe to test your knowledge and help you get to know each other. You’ll also enjoy sessions on festivals and traditions in our different locations - Can you imagine a whole town throwing tomatoes at each other? Virtual Tours of iconic buildings; music, literature and film exploration from Harry Potter to Braveheart and Britain’s Best Busker; and of course, some excellent cooking sessions to sizzle up some traditional fare from around Europe. Log in to your Portal Account to see your actual schedule of common events and activities for Summer 2020.

For more details on what's going on when with the Global Center, check out our blog.