Summer Courses and Internships

Students may enroll in one or two online courses during the summer session. Students are able to combine courses and/or internship placements from different centers on this program across the session.


Choosing Your Courses

  • Submit your course choices online in your Arcadia Portal account.
  • For Course Code, enter the name of the Center for your course and/or internship placement.
  • Please include the full title of the course(s) in the appropriate section on your form.



Summer Course Options

Center Course Credits Syllabus VIDEO
Global Black Trans-Atlantic Literature 3 PDF  
Edinburgh Scotland: Film, Fiction and Philosophy 3 PDF View
Edinburgh Building Museum Exhibitions:
A Scottish Perspective
3 PDF  
Edinburgh Scottish History to Present Day 3 PDF  
London The London Stage in Text and Performance 3 PDF View
London The Original Youth Culture: Teenagers & Subculture in Postwar Britain 3 PDF View
London Integrated Marketing Communications in the U.K.  3 PDF  
London The Politics of Migration 3 PDF  
Rome International Business Strategy and Management 3 PDF  


Virtual Internships

Six-week placements
Minimum GPA – 2.8

Students may combine an internship with online courses, for a maximum of six credits. Note: Placements are first come, first served, therefore we may fill all of the available placements prior to the final date for consideration. Each internship option includes a 3 credit Internship Tutorial, INPR 210S and a Digital resume workshop. There is also a Virtual Global Internship Placement Guide

Center Course/Program Credits Syllabus
Cape Town, Dublin, London, Rome, Sydney Internship Seminar 3 PDF
Edinburgh Museum Studies Internship Program 9 See Courses Page