Past Placement Examples for Rome Internships

The diversity of possible internship placements range from an international school to socially responsible organizations to media and businesses and International non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Talk to your program manager about the type of placement you'd like to explore. Here are some sample placements that worked very well for past students:

  • St. Stephen's School of Rome – International Secondary School St. Stephen's is an international high school for boarding and day students located at the foot of the Aventine. Their students come from all over the world to pursue their high school education in an atmosphere of scholarly endeavour, creative exploration and multicultural exchange. The experiential dimension of its curriculum, which includes an extensive trip program, confers a ‘hands on’ feel to its academics and its location. Interns are fully involved in many departments including: Communications, Marketing & Alumni Relations; Classroom Assistant in the Modern Languages Department; Technical Assistant in the Music Department; Classroom Assistant in the Science Department.
  • Wanted in Rome – Magazine for expats and tourists Wanted in Rome is the magazine in English for expats and tourists living, or just visiting, the Eternal City. Founded in 1985, Wanted in Rome is today the most important point of reference for all foreign communities in Rome. The magazine has an estimated readership of 20,000 people from ambassadors to Erasmus students. Wanted in Rome is also appreciated by Italians who know the magazine as an international landmark in Rome.
  • Joel Nafuma Refugee Center - The Joel Nafuma Refugee Center is a day center in Rome that provides services for refugees. The wide range of services provided includes basic assistance, settlement services, legal support, therapy and interfaith services. The goal of the Center is to address the immediate and urgent needs of this vulnerable population.
  • Trajan’s Market Museum – Trajan's Market is a large complex of ruins in the city of Rome, located on the Via dei Fori Imperiali, at the opposite end to the Colosseum. The Museum of the Imperial, located inside Trajan's Markets, is the first museum dedicated to ancient architecture which made up the Antiquarium Forense (Forum District) and displays reconstructed sections of the Imperial Roman Age.
  • Roma Tre University - R&D and EU Program Office – R&D and EU Program Office Roma Tre University has an office in charge of promoting and coordinating the transfer of new technology to the industrial sector. The R&D and EU Program Office coordinates the relationship between the University's research laboratories and the industrial sector. Its main objective is to improve the results of research and promote technological innovation, helping single out regional, national, and international fundraisers and investors interested in developing research projects. The R&D and EU Program Office has a team dedicated to help researchers and professors find, apply for and manage European Commission research funding.
  • Roma Tre University – College Radio for International Students Roma Tre Radio is the new web radio of the Roma Tre University, with an English session completely dedicated to international students. Roma Tre Radio communicates experiences and walks through information and entertainment, talking to the Rome city overcoming the boundaries of the university world. News, in-depth analysis, music, ideas and culture are the ingredients of this young reality, animated by college students and professionals.