“Time, space, and inspiration.” This is the motto of the Burren College of Art (BCA), and the academic program was created with these elements in mind. The location and structure of the program motivate students to focus on their artistic development. Another fundamental goal of the BCA is to promote an awareness of contemporary art on an international level. This is done most notably through personal contact between the students and visiting and resident artists.

The international faculty is comprised mainly of artists who are actively engaged in their professions and distinguished for their outstanding achievement in contemporary art and scholarship. The faculty and staff at the Burren College of Art are committed to the artistic development of the students.The teaching approach at the BCA is meant to bridge the European and American approaches. Students can choose to study at the Burren College of Art for a full year or semester and a full course load is five, 3-credit courses per semester. A typical course loads include three or four studio courses with one or two classroom-based courses in art history or Irish studies.  

With a program as intensive and focused as this one, academic support services and facilities are critical. Each student is provided with his/her own studio space which they can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other facilities, such as a large darkroom and digital photography processing facilities, are also available for student use.  

The BCA hosts a variety of cultural and social activities, including folk singers and storytellers. The nearby city of Galway is accessible by daily bus service. You won't want to miss visiting this vibrant city, which radiates an exuberant ambiance with its large student population, ubiquitous music, lively theaters and galleries, and wide array of restaurants and pubs. Students are housed in well-appointed cottages or student houses in the nearby village of Ballyvaughan.

The Burren College of Art provides daily transportation to and from Ballyvaughan. Housing is self-catered.