Forget what you know - this ancient land will surprise you


Greece is immediately captivating with its big skies, stunning landscapes, cultural treasures and passionate people. As the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games and Western Philosophy, Greece is synonymous with ancient heritage, thought-provoking works of art, original political thinking and incredible architecture. It boasts 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Acropolis, the medieval city of Rhodes and the archaeological sites of Delphi, Olympia and Mycenae. 

Matched with its stunning coastline dotted with islands, a varied marine life and white sandy beaches, this country has a wealth of attractions, activities and culture to enjoy. Its people are exuberant and laid back with a friendly, welcome for everyone. Greece will bring out the thoughtful philosopher and historian in you as well as the adventurer, socialite, chef and explorer!

Athens will surprise you. It is a mixture of noisy, aromatic chaos and calm quiet, with small, familiar, welcoming neighborhoods and traffic-rich downtown avenues. Its thriving nightlife, cafes and street markets are overlooked by the iconic Acropolis. You are reminded at every turn that this vibrant city holds a special place in history and in modern European life.

Arcadia has been bringing students to study here for 25 years, offering semester,  summer  and internship programs. Our staff on the ground have a passion for the country and for education, ensuring you, our students, learn both inside the classroom in small groups and through field study, excursions and community events and activities. You'll discover the issues and concerns that are shaping Greece today while also becoming involved in the local community and learning about the language, culture and history of this magnificent country. 

Our staff and  Center facilities will support you with everything you need from Health and Safety assistance to academic guidance. We'll help you to settle in to the fabric of local life - this includes the use of our rooftop terrace and BBQ! 

It seems the glow of the Greek sun might never fade from my skin, and I hope it never does. ”

Destini Price

Hollins University Student, Arcadia in Greece

  • Greece is Europe’s most biologically diverse country and home to more than 60% of Europe’s vertebrate fauna and more than 6,000 plant species.

  • Outstanding ingredients and uncomplicated cooking, Greek cuisine defines the Mediterranean diet and is on the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  • Located in the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Greece is a member of the European Union and Eurozone. Its traditional agricultural economy is responding to the economic crisis with resilience: Greece’s output in organic agricultural products continues to grow.

  • This fascinating country certainly offers a study abroad student many varied opportunities to learn, love and experience.

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