Arcadia will provide:

  1. An original certification letter confirming enrollment (from the Arcadia Athens Center)
  2. An original certification letter from Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, verifying enrollment
  3. Health insurance verification

You will provide:

  • A completed Long Stay/National Visa Application Form (follow instructions carefully)
  • Original passport and photocopy of photo page (must be valid three (3) months after the date you exit Greece)
  • One color photograph (2x2 inches). Use this link for guidelines.
  • Medical Certificate with required information
  • Your FBI Identity History Summary Check
  • Your original Bank Statement showing that you have at least 400 euro ($470USD) for each month you will be in Greece – At least $1800 USD
    • In some cases, the consulate will accept Proof of funds from your parents, provided they supply a bank statement and an Affidavit of Support.
  • Travel itinerary with departure and return dates - not always required, but may want to include.
  • Visa Fee: The cost of the student visa may vary. Please check with your consulate for an amount and accepted payment methods. Usually 90 Euro with a Money Order.
  • (Optional) A return mailer such as a US Postal Express mailer - be sure it is acceptable to the consulate and can be tracked - be sure to record your tracking number. 

The Greek Consular Office reserves the right to ask for further documentation, in addition to the above mentioned. Additional information is available online from the Consulate website.

Once all these documents are processed by your consulate, your passport will be returned with the visa affixed to one of the pages.