When completing your visa application, please enter all information exactly as indicated on the application form to avoid delays. Additional guidance for completing the application is below and should be entered on the visa application’s numbered section exactly as it appears here. If you have any questions or need assistance with completing your application, please contact your program manager.

Download the Long Stay Visa Application Form

Please note that your photo must be glued on the application form. Applications with stapled photographs will be rejected.

  1. Surname (Family Name): LAST NAME
  2. First Name(s) Given Name(s): FIRST and MIDDLE NAME(s)
  3. Surname at Birth: Last Name at birth (if different from question #1)
  4. Former Family Name: Answer if applicable or leave blank
  5. Date of Birth (Day-Month-Year): BIRTHDATE (*note order – Day, Month, Year)
  6. Place of Birth: CITY & STATE
  7. Country of Birth: COUNTRY
  8. Current Nationality: List Nationality, ex. “American/USA”
  9. Nationality at Birth: List if different from #8, otherwise, leave blank
  10. Sex: Check Appropriately
  11. Marital Status: Check Appropriately
  12. In case of Minors: N/A – Leave Blank
  13. National Identity Number: N/A - Leave Blank
  14. Type of Travel Document: Select “ORDINARY PASSPORT”
  15. Number of Travel Document: PASSPORT NUMBER
  16. Date of Issue of Travel Document: DATE ISSUED
  17. Travel Document Valid Until: EXPIRATION DATE
  18. Travel Document Issued By: COUNTRY of ISSUE – ex.: “USA”
  19. Applicant’s Home Address: YOUR HOME/PERMANENT ADDRESS
  20. Applicant’s Email Address: EMAIL ADDRESS
  21. Applicant’s Telephone Number: PROVIDE CELL and HOME PHONE NUMBERS
  22. Residence in a Country other than: Leave blank unless applicable
  23. Current Occupation: List "STUDENT"
  24. Main Purpose of the Journey: Check “STUDIES”
  25. Intended Date of Arrival I Greece: ARRIVAL DATE – MUST MATCH ITINERARY
  26. Applicant’s Address in Greece: Embedokleous 26, 11636, Pangrati, Athens, GR
  27. N/A - Leave Blank
  28. N/A - Leave Blank
  29. N/A - Leave Blank
  30. N/A - Leave Blank
  31. N/A - Leave Blank
  32. N/A - Leave Blank
  33. N/A - Leave Blank
  34. N/A - Leave Blank
  35. N/A - Leave Blank
  36. N/A - Leave Blank
  37. N/A - Leave Blank
  38. N/A - Leave Blank
  39. N/A - Leave Blank
  40. N/A - Leave Blank
  41. N/A - Leave Blank
  42. N/A - Leave Blank
  43. N/A - Leave Blank
  44. N/A - Leave Blank
  45. N/A - Leave Blank
  46. Name of the Educational Establishment: Arcadia Athens Center
  47. Address of the Educational Establishment:

    Embedokleous 26
    Pangrati, Athens,
  48. Telephone of the Educational Establishment: 30.210.7018495
  49. Email Address of the Educational Establishment: sandersj@arcadia.edu
  50. Intended Date of Start of Studies or Research: Provide date from your Accept Letter
  51. Intended Date of End of Studies or Research: Provide date from your Accept Letter
  52. Read/Review
  53. Read/Review
  54. Place: List location or ask Visa Officer
  55. Date: List Date
  56. Signature: Sign Document