The staff at the Arcadia Athens Center will help you with your application for a residence permit after you’ve arrived in Greece.

The Arcadia Center in Athens will help you with:

  • Making a photocopy of photo and visa page of your passport.
  • Required chest X-ray at a state hospital after arrival in Athens (student cost: 7 – 10 euro).
  • Submitting the application for the residence permit, which the Arcadia Center will complete for you.

You must provide:

  • Four recent color passport photos. You should have already submitted these to Arcadia University. They would have been forwarded on to the Arcadia Center in Athens.
  • €150 – this is the Residence Permit fee.

Once your student visa, supporting documents and fees are submitted to the authorities in Athens, you will receive a letter stating that you are legal to reside in Greece (and, therefore, the European Union and the Schengen area) for the duration of your program.