The city of York encompasses more than 2000 years of history, with much of that history still evident today. You can stroll along the medieval walls that follow the layout of ancient walls established by the Romans at the beginning of the last millennium. Or, explore the Shambles, a section of the city that has preserved its distinctive medieval ambiance in its extremely narrow lanes and overhanging houses. Today it is one of York's most popular shopping areas.

Dominating the city scene is the massive stone cathedral, York Minster, whose great stained glass windows and vast naves are some of the finest examples of gothic architecture in Europe.

But the city of York isn't all about the past. There are plenty of modern city amenities such as pubs, clubs, cinemas and concert venues. You can't miss tea at Betty's, which has been a favorite haunt of students for years, drawn by its sticky treats and welcoming atmosphere. Many areas of the city center are reserved exclusively for foot traffic so residents and visitors can enjoy street performances and leisurely strolls along the city's many colorful streets.

York is halfway between London and Edinburgh, making both of these capital cities easily accessible. And like many places in England, you are never far from the coast or wonderful country places like the Yorkshire Dales.