If you are studying in Chile for more than 90 days, you will need to apply for a Student visa. This may seem daunting but don’t worry – your program manager will walk you through every step, and send you a complete Visa Pack with full instructions and details of everything you will need. If you are traveling internationally in the months leading up to your program start date, please let your program manager know.

Step 1: Passport

Be sure you have a valid, signed passport that will be good for at least six months following the completion of the program. If you do not have a passport, please begin the process of securing one immediately.

Step 2: Apply with the Chilean Consulate

The visa process for Chile is administered in the U.S. by a series of consulate offices located throughout the country. Each consulate office administers student visas in a slightly different way, so please pay special attention to the specific requirements at your consulate. All students must appear physically at their consulate as part of the application process to collect their visa after the application has been approved. However, there are some exceptions. Be prepared to travel a great distance to collect your visa, and understand that this is outside of Arcadia's control. Please refer to the instructions listed on the consulate webpage to determine whether you must submit your application in person. It is your responsibility to know exactly what is expected of you at your particular Consulate.

Chilean Consulate of Jurisdiction

You will need to apply for your student visa from a Chilean Consulate representing the jurisdiction where you live at a permanent address (not your school address). See the specific US map of Chilean Consulates here for your exact Consulate by jurisdiction. 

Step 3: Submitting Your Application to the Consulate

To apply for a student visa, the following items are required by most consulates:

  • Passport – You will need to submit your passport with your application. The consulate will keep your passport during the application period and then place the visa on a blank page in your passport once approved.
  • Completed Chilean Visa Application Form – The application form is available from the Embassy of Chile to the United States. If your specific consulate uses a different form, be sure to use only that one. Proceed to download the appropriate application form and to fill it out by typing in all CAPS. Be sure enter all information exactly as indicated on the application form to avoid delays. Please note that your issuing Consulate will grant your visa based on the amount of days specified on your application; therefore, if you plan on traveling before or after the Arcadia program dates, please be sure to factor that into your request. Many consulates have moved to an online application system for student visas. If given the option, you should complete the online application. Suggestion: for students studying abroad for one full semester, request your student visa for the full 6 months, or 180 days.
  • FBI background check indicating that you, the applicant, has no criminal history. As processing time is about 6 weeks, we recommend that you utilize the FBI Identity History Summary Checks service. Due to delays in regular FBI processing, it is also recommended that you use an FBI-Approved Channeler and begin the process of submitting your fingerprints for evaluation as soon as possible. This document cannot be presented to the Chilean consulate if it has been issued more than 90 days before your application appointment. Also, please be sure to keep a receipt of payment and or shipment to the FBI for your records.
  • Letter issued and signed by your primary care physician indicating that you are well, without communicable diseases, and fit to study in Chile. This letter cannot be presented to the Chilean consulate if it has been issued more than 90 days before your application appointment.
  • Documented results from an HIV test issued by your doctor or a diagnostic laboratory. This document cannot be presented to the Chilean consulate if it has been issued more than 90 days before your application appointment. Please ask your consulate if they specifically require this.
  • 4 recent, color passport-sized photos (2x2 inches).
  • Acceptance Letter from Arcadia University – You will receive an original Arcadia Acceptance letter in yourVisa Pack.
  • Notarized letter of financial support – This document should be filled out by the person supporting you financially while abroad (typically you, a parent or a guardian). Please contact your specific consulate to make sure that you know the precise items they require to support this letter. You should cover all bases and provide this letter, in addition to bank statements (last three months, on bank letterhead), and any letters documenting scholarships you may have received to attend the program.
  • Non-refundable education visa processing fee (the amount may differ among consulates, please confirm) Fee must be paid by money order in person when you visit your nearest consulate for the application interview.

Other important notes:

  • Be aware that each Chilean consulate office retains the right to amend its visa process at any time. Please refer back to your consulate's website frequently throughout the process. As Arcadia University becomes aware of changes in the visa process, we will alert you by email.
  • Retain at least one photocopy of all documents presented to the Consulate.
  • If you are submitting by mail, all documents should be to be notarized,and insured/certified mail is highly recommended, as the original travel document will be sent inside the return envelope.