Student Travel

We try to make your travel overseas as easy and affordable as possible. Please note that you must physically attend all of your Arcadia orientation, which begins on the posted program arrival date. To get yourself there on-time, you’ll have many travel aspects to consider, including obtaining your Visa.

  • You should plan to arrive into Santiago, Chile (SCL) by 12 noon on your program start date. If you arrive at the airport on the scheduled arrival date at the scheduled time, you will be eligible for group transportation from the airport to orientation.
    • If you are on the Summer program, please be sure to arrive in the morning, between 6 am and 12 noon. Your program manager can provide more details.
  • PUCV’s in-country staff will be at the Santiago Airport International terminal to greet students and facilitate transportation to orientation in Valparaíso. If your flight arrives at a much earlier time than the designated pick-up time, you may wish to sit at a café in the terminal and wait for PUCV staff. They will be at the airport waiting for students with “PUCV” signs on arrival day.
  • In the event that your flight is delayed or you choose to arrive before or after the designated arrival time, you may be responsible for traveling independently from the airport to the Valparaíso. It is strongly recommended that all you book airfare that coincides with the official Arcadia/PUCV pick-up time, as it is the easiest way to make it to orientation on time.
  • In the event that you must arrive after the designated pick-up time, PUCV can arrange for a van to pick you up at the Santiago airport. You are required to contact Arcadia and PUCV to make this arrangement (contact information will be emailed to you prior to departure).
  • Your housing is only available during the scheduled program dates, not before or after.
  • Don’t forget to complete the Online Flight Form once you have booked.

Booking your flight

You are responsible for arranging and purchasing your own flight. Please Note: If you want to travel before or after your program dates please check your visa requirements.

We don’t arrange group flights but we recommend you book through our travel provider, Student Universe, to avail of discounted student fares on designated group flights, on suggested available flights, or on individual student bookings. In addition, Student Universe staff are very familiar with our programs and offer date change flexibility. To book your travel, please visit Student Universe/Arcadia and choose your appropriate country and program.

Vacation Travel Tips

  • Wait until you are in-country to make travel plans for during your program so you know your class schedule and assessment dates.
  • Choose a good guidebook such as those from Lets Go or Lonely Planet. You can also check online sources, maps and street views for country background, attractions, locally filmed movies, local author books to read etc.

Check out our FAQs for more tips on what to pack.