What will you add to YOUR experience?

How would you like to create your own program for study abroad? Arcadia+ is our way of helping you add opportunities to your program of study that are meaningful and relevant to what YOU want to do. 

On the selected Arcadia programs below, you can take locally taught courses, add an internship, design your own research project or even a service-learning module. With Arcadia+, we can help you build your program to make it perfect for you. If you need experience for that resume, add it on with an internship. If you want to impress graduate school with your own research skills, we’ll give you the opportunity. This is your study abroad experience, so what will you add?

Create the program you need, be it with the right course combination, a unique research assignment, focused coursework or that perfect internship placement.

And don’t worry, our program advisors can show you how to build the program that best suits you.


Arcadia Plus

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