Exploring the challenges of International Education

In 2015, The College of Global Studies formed The Guild as a discussion group consisting of 46 education abroad professionals from throughout the US and overseas partners of The College. This forum is designed to tackle issues, opportunities, and challenges that members face on a regular basis. Membership is individually-based with members invited for three-year terms.


The Guild, from The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University, is a dialogue-rich membership group. The members of The Guild will serve as a sounding board with which staff and faculty of The College will discuss issues in the field of education abroad. Members can expect to be consulted for input on some issues and initiatives of The College. At the same time, The Guild will be a means to keep members more informed about developments at The College. Finally, The Guild is intended to be a venue for discussion about issues, opportunities, and challenges the members face in their offices and roles on a regular basis.

The Guild is intended to fill an important role for discussing issues within a smaller group which allows for a different level of conversation. Education Abroad conferences with hundreds to thousands of people in attendance don’t permit the same level of discourse. ”

John Wells

Director of Enrollment Management, The College of Global Studies, Arcadia University