Tina is a native of Vermont and first studied abroad in Rome at St Stephen’s School as a post-graduate in high school. From there, she began her studies at the University of Rhode Island in Italian Studies and Comparative Literature and spent her sophomore year at the University of Florence. Tina is a longtime permanent resident of Italy - first in the Tuscan city of Prato and now in Rome.

Tina has served as Resident Director for Arcadia University's programs in Italy since 2005. Since beginning with Arcadia new programs have been added in Italy. Under Tina's guidance the co-curricular activities and opportunities at all five programs in Italy have grown and added considerably to the students' overall experience and understanding of Italy’s fascinating complexity.

In addition to teaching both Italian and English at the high school level in both Italian and International schools in Rome and Florence, Tina has always worked as a freelance translator of artistic notes, liner notes, lyrics, poetry and other works. Throughout her career, Tina has enjoyed working independently with contemporary designers, musicians, composers, directors, sculptors, painters and writers from all over Italy, promoting Italian culture through their work. As principal and founder of ExperienceItalia!, Tina brought an undiscovered Italy to the attention of professional, private and school groups. She is determined and enthusiastic about the sharing of contemporary Italian issues with an international audience and actively involved with various social and political movements.