John Eversley

Faculty, London Center

John Eversley has also worked at senior Lecturer/Senior Research Fellow in UK universities for more than twenty years John is based in Northern Ireland most of the time where he works on public policy and management development, education and training. He is also Managing Director of a not-for-profit company, ppre CIC.

He will be at Arcadia in London, in the summer of 2018 to teach Health, Medicine and Society which looks at the NHS in historical and contemporary contexts. His past work has included working for the voluntary sector, trade unions, local government and the NHS and in Higher Education. His history teaching and research have covered the evolution of public services including public health and social care, general (medical) practice and psychiatry.

John has been involved in a number of activities relating to the history of health and health care.

  • Using history to teach Masters students about the development of health and public and social policy
  • Annual London Summer school for American universities (Health history and health policy)
  • Hansard Society (Policy-making in health)
  • Walks and history seminars on the social history of the East End, for example for the NHS
  • As a contract researcher e.g. writing a history of the GP representative bodies for the British Medical Association


History specific ones, listed below. Other publications listed at ppre resources

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Eversley, J. (2007): Interview with Swadhinata Trust on Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets in the 1970s available at

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