Elena Lázaro

Housing and Accounting Coordinator

Elena was born and raised in Barcelona. She has a Diploma in Tourism in CETT, from the University of Barcelona. She loves communicating with people and to know different cultures and customs. For 12 years she was working in different roles related to communications mainly with customers, (for example travel agency, receptionist, tourist information officer). Whilst working at the travel agency, she was preparing and creating trips for customers, however, she hadn’t the chance to travel a lot herself.

Then something special happened last year that brought her to move across the world to Australia. It was then that she lived one of her dreams, to experience a new life of discovering amazing new places and meeting awesome people. Her motto is: “it is never too late to live your dream”

Elena has just returned to Barcelona, full of energy and inspiration. She is very excited to be part of the Arcadia team to offer all her skills and knowledge which she has acquired.