Edoardo Bemporad, Ph.D

Faculty, Rome Center

Edoardo Bemporad is a graduate in Nuclear Engineering and received a Ph.D. degree in Materials Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome in 1995. Prof. Bemporad is a full professor of Materials Science and Technology at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre. He’s been working since 1995 as a research engineer at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, where he is also a lecturer of Fundamentals of Materials Science and Technology, Advanced Techniques for the Biomaterials Characterization, Materials Technologies, Materials for Mechanical Engineering, Materials Corrosion and Protection and instructor of both of the second-year courses Materials Science and Metallurgy.

Prof Bemporad also serves as Coordinator of the doctoral courses in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of Roma Tre., Member of the Scientific Board of the Molecular Design department of the National Research Council (CNR), Member of the advisory board of the Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science and Technology (INSTM), Italian Government representative for the Steel Technology Platform-ESTEP of the European Commission.

He is the author of more than 200 papers published in international and national journals, refereed conference proceedings and is peer reviewer on several scientific journals concerning Surface Engineering including Surface & Coatings Technology, Vacuum, Journal of Materials Science, Thin Solid Films, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Journal of Materials Research.