Daniel Wheatley

Faculty, London Center

Dan Wheatley lectures in sociology; covering issues of diversity, migration. multiculturalism and British social history. He teaches courses at the London programs of Arcadia, Maryville and Syracuse universities, as well as guest lecturing at a number of other universities.

He received a teaching award for best student feedback Spring 2013 semester and the Syracuse London Program Teaching Award for Spring 2014.

He was a Mountbatten Scholar to the United World College of Southern Africa in Swaziland before studying a B.A. in Classical Civilisation and an M.A in International Relations at the University of Kent and further post-graduate studies in International Humanitarian Law at Birkbeck College.

Dan worked in the UK parliament for 5 years lobbying cross party issues on international law and global governance, before serving as Senior Diplomatic Officer to the Baha'i Community of the UK, influencing government policy on human rights concerns and discourses and social policy.