Caitlin's journey with Arcadia started as an undergraduate student studying international businessƒ. While studying abroad in Australia, she made her first trip to New Zealand and immediately knew she would be back. Her study abroad experience led her to pursue a career in education abroad, and after graduating with my Bachelor's, Arcadia welcomed her back with open arms, and she has had several different roles at The College of Global Studies. Her time at Arcadia has led her down an unbelievable path to Wellington, where she is based in New Zealand. She is excited to be able to share with students all of the wonderful sights and opportunities New Zealand has to offer.

Caitlin Barnett received her B.A. and M.A. from Arcadia University. Prior to working in New Zealand, she worked at The College of Global Studies' main office in the United States and advised for programs in Australia, New Zealand, and STEM Summer Research.