Dr. Brittani Smit serves as the Resident Director of South Africa Programmes with The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University. She is of Jamaican heritage and was raised in New York. While completing her bachelor’s degree in English literature at Trinity College (CT) she studied abroad in Rome and Cape Town. She returned to Cape Town for her postgraduate studies, studying for both a master’s and PhD in English literature at the University of Cape Town.

Her doctoral research focused on the interplay between race, colour, class and gender-based discrimination in contemporary literature of the Anglophone Caribbean and the Cape. She brings this diasporic, cross-continental lens to bear on her work as Resident Director, through which she encourages students to view their position in South Africa and on the continent at large within a broader historical and socio-cultural context.

She has many years of experience supporting students in South Africa through her work with the University of Cape Town’s Humanities Faculty Mentorship program and the university’s Writing Centre. She has also worked in the field of study abroad both as a Student Life Manager and as an Academic Coordinator, and has extensive experience with all aspects of program delivery and custom program design and implementation.

As Resident Director, she enjoys helping students navigate the joys and challenges of engaging with South Africa’s complex social and cultural landscape and supporting them on the journey of self-discovery that accompanies studying abroad.