Writing Home to RIT

Lily Mazur University College Dublin, Ireland


January 26, 2017

Dear RIT,

I’ll admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve really thought about you, and even longer since I’ve been a student on your campus. Eight months since, and seven more to go. Despite the collection of tigers merchandise I have, I haven’t very much been an RIT student in a long time.

It’s windy as hell right now and that’s why I started really thinking about Rochester again. How much I miss our tunnels, the numerous ways to get to class staying inside, and even the obscene amount of Burnt Umber Brick. So many of my friends are sending me pictures of the first snow of the spring semester, making me look at my XL Freezefest sweatshirt and reminiscing about the dash to find the next freebie location.

It’s wonderful here though. I can catch a bus to Dublin’s beautiful city centre, take classes I would’ve never thought of, and find my own favorite cafe for study days. I can meet new people from all over the world and try new things, while taking comfort in known hobbies as well. I don’t regret coming here at all.

Currently I’m fighting off the fresher’s flu and learning the campus, as if I was seventeen and starting RIT all over again. Partially expecting this to happen come August, if I’m being entirely honest. But for now, I’m well into making Dublin my home. I can’t wait to see what this city shows me.

Forever love,


Ireland Semester