Why I Chose Queen Mary

Nicole DiCenso Queen Mary University, England


July 27, 2015

This is not my first trip to Europe. I have actually traveled to Italy twice so far – once my sophomore year of college for a course called Sophomore International Experience and also as part of a family trip I took this past summer. I have also technically been to Great Britain before too (if you count the three family vacations I have taken to Bermuda).

I knew I wanted to go to Europe because I absolutely love to travel and have been dying to cross some European countries off of my bucket list. The first thing I had to decide was where in Europe I wanted to go. As I mentioned, I have been to Italy twice already so it was the first country crossed off of my list (though I must admit, food-wise it was my first choice). Based on my experience in Italy, I figured I should probably pick an English speaking country. I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not great at picking up a foreign language.

Next, I basically had to choose between Ireland and England as these are the most popular English speaking countries my school offers. While I am about 50% Irish and exploring that country and my heritage would’ve been amazing, London was the obvious choice for me. My sister has already been there and when she came back, every story she told me just heightened the desire I had to go.

Then it came down to choosing which school I wanted to spend the fall semester of my senior year at. While there are some great choices in London, I followed my advisors guidance and chose Queen Mary because it has a campus most similar to my own at Bryant University.

I just received my housing offer last week and picked my classes shortly before that. At this point, only a month and a half away from leaving, the anticipation is killing me. I have never been one to wish summer by faster, but this year is definitely an exception!