Weekend in Paris

Allie Rivera University of Stirling, Scotland


March 27, 2018

I never really had an interest going to Paris. My thought on it was if someone ask me or offer me to go with them I would shrug my shoulder and say sure. The reason I decided to go to Paris was due to the fact that one of my roommates from last semester was going there during Preview. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find her in the cemetery. I know that sounds crazy, but it was a HUGE cemetery. Though sad that I didn’t get to see my friends, I actually REALLY enjoyed Paris.

We did the classic tourist stuff and nothing else. We only realistically had about two days there and had a lot to squeeze in. We did your classic Eiffel Tower, the Louvre (gorgeous), Notre Dame, and more.

The Louvre was behind beautifully, and I could have spent a whole week in there. Unfortunately, I had maybe three hours in there, so I was running around like mad. You have to see your most famous like the Mona Lisa, but there were other paintings and sculptures that I had a greater interest in. Thanks to one of my art teacher and friend I learned a lot about art in AP Art History my senior year. My favorite thing without a doubt that I got to see was a lamassu. I HIGHLY recommend looking it up. It is a statue and there are few left due to terrorist and various other groups destroying them. I just love them.

One museum to quickly mention is the Sewers Museum. Yup, the nervous system of Paris and a place crawling with rodents and diseases. We went to it and yes, it is actually a still functioning sewer and yes, it smells awful. Just wanted to mention it, because it was an experience and smell I will never forget.

My favorite place at of this weekend was either the Louvre or this place. The catacombs! Yes, the Paris catacombs themselves. I deem this place as mandatory as the Eiffel Tower. It was awesome. I love it. You are surrounded by history and bones. What is better than that. It was beautifully. Did I mention I like it? I really enjoyed this and was even happier that I purchased my ticket ahead of time, because just as amazing as the catacombs were, so was walking past a line of people over a block long while glaring at me to go straight to the front and enter. Priceless.

I ended up really loving Paris and spending 90% of my time underground which is fine by me. This trip showed me to be more open to traveling to places that I may not have interest in. You never know whether you like it or not till you try it right.


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