Union Street

Erin M. Aberdeen, Scotland


July 2, 2014

At the center of Aberdeen City is Union Street. This is the heart of Aberdeen, where many people can always be found, be it shopping during the day, or at one of the many pubs at night.

The buildings here all blend together, being the usual grey of the city. The majority of them all have the historical feel to them with the detailed stonework, but there are a few exceptions that attempt to bring in a modern design.

One of these exceptions is Trinity Center. The façade facing Union Street is subtracted out with glass, revealing the interiors of the shops within. Though it does not blend with the remainder of the street, the building does not feel completely out of place.

Union Street opens into a lovely square that shows all the history of the city. All of the structures within here feel as though they have stood for many years, creating a very welcoming and comfortable area.