Turn Back Time...

Audrey Eggleston London Now - England


December 29, 2014

I’m back. Sitting in my house in Vancouver Washington, looking through picture’s from just a week ago. The last week of my time abroad was one of the worst, not because of what happened, but what it led up to. I have loved my time abroad and the friends I have made. On those last three days of no school leading up to the dreadful December 20, 2014, we ate, laughed, and explored the city one last time.

Now back in the Northwest and over the terrible jet lag, I look back onto my time in London. I have found myself looking for my oyster card before leaving the house, grabbing a converter when plugging in my laptop, or asking for take away instead of to go.

These last four months have changed me, now as I start packing my bags again for Nashville TN I wonder what these next four months will hold in store for me.

If any student reads this and is thinking about studying abroad in the UK or anywhere else… DO IT!!! There is no time like the present to pack a bag and purchase a plane ticket to a foreign country and find what it holds in store for you. I can promise you will not be disappointed.