Traveling and More Traveling

Erin Bigus Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


November 20, 2017

Greetings from Dublin!

It almost feels strange to be back in Dublin after all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, but it’s so nice to be back.

Two weeks ago, reading week began. As the name suggests, it’s supposed to be a week to work on reading and schoolwork, but I took the week off class as an excuse to travel. Early Saturday morning a friend and I hopped on a plane and headed straight to Rome! The sun and warm weather in Italy were a nice change from Irish weather. After a couple days of sight-seeing and eating our weight in gelato, pizza, and pasta, we moved on to Athens. Athens was beautiful, and I loved having the chance to see the Parthenon. It truly is more impressive in person than in pictures. After a day and a half in Athens, we made our way to Santorini, one of the Greek Isles. Highlights of Santorini included exploring the various beaches (and even swimming a little bit!), hiking around the island, and watching sunsets. All in all, it was an absolutely incredible week.

As if that’s not enough traveling, I took another trip the week after reading week. After returning from Santorini, I was only in Dublin for a couple days before flying off to Edinburgh. I attended my scheduled lectures Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, then went straight from Wednesday morning class to the airport. It was a quick trip, but I took a day and a half to poke around Edinburgh, hike Arthur’s Seat, and enjoy the views of the city from Calton Hill. Then I flew back Friday morning in time for my afternoon lecture. It still absolutely boggles me that I could fly to Scotland for a couple days for less than 30 euro without missing class. The ease of travel around Europe is incredible and is something I will certainly miss.

On the subject of traveling, I realized that my time here is wrapping up soon, and there’s still so much of Ireland I want to see. I’m planning on spending my last month traversing the Emerald Isle and enjoying Ireland- I did decide to study here for a reason after all!


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