Today, I Threw a Boomerang.

Anthony Aguilar University of Sydney, Australia


August 16, 2016

Today, I threw a boomerang. Tomorrow, who knows?

Before I came here to Australia I made a list of things that I wanted to try and do while abroad. Throwing a boomerang (and actually have it return) was on my list. It feels good to make a bucket list of things you want to do. This list can either be for life, a day, or a trip you are going on. I made one for my study abroad experience, and you should too.

The satisfaction I get when I cross another thing off my list is one of the best feelings in the world. I set a goal and I completed it. Now throwing a boomerang is not the only thing on my list. I have plenty of things.

  1. Get to Australia (completed July 12th)
  2. Hold a Koala
  3. Throw a boomerang and have it return (today)
  4. Hear a kookaburra laugh (completed August 14th)
  5. Go skydiving (sorry mom)
  6. Stay out all night and watch the sunrise (completed July 30th)
  7. See the great barrier reef
  8. Try vegemite (completed July 13th)
  9. Go surfing 
  10. Lay in the sand (completed July 29th)
  11. See a big spider
  12. Find an Aussie bff
  13. …and so on

As you can see I have a few things on my list, and this is only a small portion of it. All of these things are things I really wanted to do and will try to do while I am here. It can help you make memories that will last a lifetime. For instance, today when I threw the boomerang and it actually returned I felt so happy. I crossed it off my list and will probably remember this for a while. Just learning about how to throw it and why it was used.

It made me feel more like a true Aussie. (Fun fact: Boomerangs were used by Australian Aboriginals to confuse their prey so they could move in for the kill. They would throw it in the air, and the animal would look up to see what was flying around then the aboriginals would move in to kill it. Also there are two types of boomerangs, ones that come back and ones that don’t! Who knew?) I even got to take a boomerang home! 

Whether you are traveling abroad, or you are making a list for life, just do it. You won’t regret it. Also it gives you something to look at when you are bored and out of ideas on what you should do with your day.

Today, I threw a boomerang. Tomorrow, who knows?


Australia Semester