Thoughts On Leaving and New Beginnings

Allison Dammann University of Edinburgh, Scotland


September 4, 2017

Today is (finally) my last full day in the United States! Tomorrow, I will be heading to Scotland for a semester to study at the University of Edinburgh and I could not be more excited.

Although I love my hometown and my school, I'm really excited for a change of pace. I'm so excited to be studying in a completely new and different place. It'll definitely be weird adjusting to a totally different schooling system and way of life, but I think that after years of living in the same town and two years at college in the US, experiencing a different way of life is exactly what I need.

The last time I visited Edinburgh, I was 8 years old. I traveled there with my family and I absolutely fell in love with it. I loved the cobblestone, the history that surrounded the city, and the way that the city felt small and familiar even though there were so many people and things to do. I can't wait to rediscover the city as an adult and to see how living there for four months will change my view of Edinburgh.

Now that I'm finally all packed (which was surprisingly easier than it seemed...I never thought I'd be able to pack so light), I'm starting to feel a little antsy. With everyone else at school or abroad already, I'm itching to start my semester abroad already. There are already so many things on my list of adventures and places to visit while I'm in Edinburgh; I want to visit the castle, to see my new flat, to head to the Highlands, to eat at local restaurants, and so much more. The list seems impossibly long already and I haven't even arrived yet! Today it's finally all starting to feel real, and I can't wait to dive in and start crossing things off of my list.

I definitely have some pre-trip nerves, no matter how excited I am. Thinking about living in a completely new country and city alone is definitely intimidating, and some days I feel a little lost about it all. I know, however, that I'll feel at home in Edinburgh quicker than I could ever imagine. I'm sure that before I know it, I'll be a natural at navigating the city and my classes. For now, I just need to embrace the unknown and head forward full force. Edinburgh is waiting!