The water is bluer here

Airi S. Dunedin, New Zealand


April 1, 2014

For our second Arcadia Program event, Jane and Dee took us to Queenstown! I was really excited, just because I have heard so many good things about it. It’s the adventure capital of the world!

We woke up early in the morning of a gloomy, rainy day to get on the bus. Luckily, it seemed like only Dunedin was raining because things cleared up as we got further and further away from the city.

There are sheep everywhere you go, and I swear I take photos of the view every five seconds. Just gorgeous. 

Even the water is different here! Or at least it looks bluer to me. My geology major friend says it could be the type of minerals that are in the water, but who knows?

When we got to Queenstown, Jane met us at the hotel, only to tell us that there had been a mix up with the dates. Apparently she had booked the rooms for the following week! LUCKILY, Jane knows absolutely everyone in New Zealand and got us a place to stay at a ski lodge.

We were kind of bummed that we would not be able to enjoy the nightlife of Queenstown, but honestly, things turned out so much better this way. As you can see, the drive up there was breathtaking.

We stayed in a little lodge up the mountain and it was just like camp! We played games all night, and finally went to sleep so that we could wake up for a gorgeous hike the next day.

That’s up next!


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