The Perfect Hike

Ben Garnitz Arcadia in Granada, Spain


November 12, 2017

A few weeks ago I went on a hike after class with two good friends. We decided to walk behind the Alhambra and explore the woods and fields. We left around 3:00 in the afternoon and immediately got lost trying to find the Alhambra. After an hour of wandering in little streets and alleys we finally found a sign pointing towards the entrance.

As we began the insanely long and steep climb up to the top, I felt silly wearing my leather shoes. But despite the heat and constant chafing, I persevered. About halfway to the top, an old man seemed to be struggling. We asked if he needed help and he said in Spanish, “no thank you, I am collecting these” he said pointing to his bag of what looked like buckeyes. He said if you keep one in your pocket it helps your pains and aches go away. He gave us each one and said “gracias” then he walked away. Confused but intrigued we put the strange rocklike tree nut in our pockets. We continued the hike up the hill and upon reaching the top, covered in sweat, we took a right into the forest.

After finding a nice place to sit and meditate for a bit we explored the forest a little further, and about 20 minutes into our expiration we hit an olive tree field. I noticed there was a great view of the mountains from where we were but an even better one at the top of the field. So we trekked up the hill once again and sat in awe of the view of the Sierra Nevadas. Although it was in the 70’s, the mountains had developed beautifully contrasting snow caps. we sat in silence and stared for a solid 45 or so minutes then decided it was time to descend.

Although this hike involved a lot of sitting in silence, the experience was quite enjoyable and bonding. It’s not everyday that you see breathtaking sights with people who appreciate them.