The Most Beautiful Place I Have Ever Seen

Allie Rivera University of Stirling, Scotland


April 6, 2018

You can probably judge by the title this is my favorite place and I deem it a must. The place I refer to is Isle of Skye. I went to this beautiful place through Arcadia for a weekend. I am not surprised that it sells out so quickly every year because it is beyond amazing.

I think my experience was even better due to Nory and his company Heartland Travel. If you ever come to Scotland I say it is a must to book through this bus company. You can find them on Facebook as well but he made the trip awesome. He is hilarious, kind, and knowledgeable about the area. Even though it is a bus tour you are constantly moving and stopping. We would stop for awesome pictures or to go hiking. 10/10 review from me.

Some of the places I visited were the fairy pools, fairy glen, old man of storr, some castles, and Loch Ness. It was breathtaking and the pictures don’t give it full justice. My favorite part (impossible to pick one) I have to say is swimming in Loch Ness. Nory stops and let’s you going swimming if you so desire. Just remember that the water is only like 40 F so it is freezing but I deemed it a must. When are you ever going to get that opportunity again. Of course I went cause if I didn’t I knew I would regret it.

This is definitely one of those places you must visit before you die and I would be excited like a kid on Christmas if I ever get to go back. Also a little helpful hint, since it is so beautiful it has become really popular and gets extremely crowded during the summer. I would recommend winter even though it is colder you can just bundle up.

By the way it was extremely hard to decide what pictures to choose for this blog. They are all amazing