Tea & Friendships

Marisa Hulstine Museum Studies Internship Program, Scotland


July 2, 2019
Currently Studying at: Museum Studies Internship Program
Homeschool: Anderson University

Growing up, I loved to drink tea, now living in Scotland for a few weeks that love has manifested into a relationship. I drink so much tea here that my flatmates have noticed my obsession and have drawn out that tea makes up a huge part of my personality. I think they are correct, tea matches who I am, a person who has completely embraced her introvert nature. Coming here, I recognized that a major goal for myself was to look more into my personality and figure out some of my true strengths and weaknesses. A part of that meant forming new friendships with people.

I have been blessed to enter a program that has a bunch of history lovers like myself in it. Also, to be in a group of people who have brought me a little out of my shell and helped me have fun. Whether it has been eating lunch down the street from Rosslyn Chapel, sipping on tea, while discussing the impact of the Da Vinci Code on the chapel or simply a fun night reminiscing about our homes in the states with my flatmates as we make dinner. I have felt so included while I have been here, which was the most major concern hanging over my head. Since I have dealt with anxiety and depression for part of my life, being around people who consider me a friend helps me feel so much better. I feel more open to trying new things and opening up more because I feel accepted.

A week ago, my program group took a field trip to Cairnpapple Hill, Linlithgow Palace, Stirling Castle, and the battlefield at Bannockburn. There we spent one of our best days wandering corridors and medieval hallways just experiencing a full dose of history. Being there with my group was just an affirming time to just take in and realize the full magnitude of what this summer has already and will offer later on.