T-Minus 40 Days

Caroline Brock Arcadia in Granada, Spain


April 16, 2018

I started a countdown to Granada on my phone during the fall semester. Whenever I was feeling bored with school work or needed something to look forward to, I would look at my countdown second by second getting closer to the day I would leave for Granada. 

When I arrived in Granada, I made a countdown to the day of my return flight, so that I could see exactly how much time I had to check off everything on my list of things to do while studying abroad for the last time. At the beginning of the semester 127 days felt like plenty of time to get everything done (even though I wasn’t quite sure what everything was). I knew I wanted to practice Spanish, travel within and outside of Spain, and simply get a break from the routine I had developed over the past three semesters of school after my semester in London.

Overall, I can say that I’ve achieved (or at least made strides towards achieving) these goals, but the semester is coming to an end quickly. When I started seeing the number of days drop below 50, and now, as it hits 40, it’s become painfully real that if the first 87 days have gone by in the blink of an eye, the remaining days will be gone before I know it. Writing out the numbers like this is strange, because part of me feels as if I’ve been in Granada much longer than 3 months, and that I could stay here indefinitely, while another part of me feels like we just got here, and there’s no way that we’re two thirds of the way done.

At this point, with the end in sight, everything becomes numerable. Last weekend we took a trip to Portugal. Even though it was my third weekend in a row traveling, getting away from the rain we’ve been having in Granada and getting to relax on the beach was much needed. On our way back, we realized that we had just finished what would most likely be most of our last, or second to last, trip out of Spain. We also realized that with our travel plans, we have very few weekends left in Granada, and decided to make a bucket list for our last weeks in Spain. We added our favorite restaurants to go back to one last time, sites within Granada we haven’t seen yet, an olive oil tour, and anything else we could think of. Hopefully it will help keep us accountable to getting out to explore our city during the time we have left!


Spain Semester